Tools we use in order to be your efficient external royalty department:

royaltyproducer100Royalty Producer – business system from Officer Solutions.  Since 2009, with our clients’ best interests in mind, we use Royalty Producer to process record royalty statements. This business system is well fitted to account both physical and digital sales, as well as licensing income.

microsoft_excel_2010-2Microsoft Excel – meta data will be imported to Royalty Producer via Excel files. We help our clients set routines in order to easily import existing information. To check and adjust files before import, the use of Excel’s highly professional functions for ”text” and ”look up” is a necessity.

toggl-icon-20121-2Toggl – time tracking – allows us to track the time spent on your projects. Reports will be presented to you in forms and details of your choice.

If your Company has its own license for the royalty administration solution Record Maestro from Counterpoint Systems, we can help you process royalty statements within this system.