Welcome to Larson:s, your external royalty department. We offer assistance to record companies in processing royalty statements to artists, producers and licensors.

The enterprise is run by Helene Hamilton (née Larson). Most of our clients are various-sized companies in the music industry. Larson:s has extensive experience of managing royalty statements for record companies and this is currently our main business area.

The office is situated in Saltsjöqvarn, Nacka just outside Stockholm.

View of Stockholm. Picture taken from Saltsjöqvarn/Danviks strand, Nacka, Sweden


Gazell Records

”I have the greatest confidence in Helene’s ability to handle all matters concerning record royalty matters and this is based on a long time working together, first for many years at Sonet (at the time Scandinavia’s leading Independent) and now for many years she has been in impeccable charge of the royalties for my Gazell record company.”
Dag Haeggqvist

Kommunikation skivor – Soundcarrier

”To be or not to be?
To be with Larson:s for royalty accounting.
Not to be with anybody else.
Larson:s forever.”
Lars-Olof Helén

familytree_logo112”Helene Hamilton was my and our first choice at Family Tree Music when we started the company back in 2004/2005. She has delivered accurate royalty accounting in an ever changing music business from vinyl to CD to digital and now days the multi facetted world of streaming, which hold millions of data that is needed to be accurately accounted for. Helene and Larson:s delivers this!”
CEO Michel Petré/Family Tree Music AB/Catchy Tunes/Razzia